Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eight Months Down

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Last week marked eight months of approval and waiting. We have now high jumped over the revised timeframes supplied to us and we are no longer confident that Chile will have children for us anytime soon. The first timeline we knew was approximately three years for a placement, including travel and returning home. Further dates suggest two years but again, we are not holding our breath. I refuse to acknowledge anything less than this.

Of course, it is in the best interests of the children for Chile to place them into our family - we know that and wouldn't want it to happen any other way. So, we do understand that the wait can be long. It is just tiring. We are trying to stay hopeful and positive through our work within our adoption community. However, it is wearing thin as we seem to be the only couple doing so much for so little gain. I know that is completely selfish and I don't mean to sound that way, I truly don't. We do love what we do with our support group - it's just that I wish we could be doing this for OUR kids not everyone elses. Does that make sense?

In other news, PG finally managed to communicate effectively with Adoption Services. They do not have an allocation for us. They had information about what SENAME provides to families who are allocated - a huge document that details the lives of the children before adoption. It is very extensive and we feel so lucky that we do get this information, including detailed health, school and psych reports plus others. Many other countries have very little to give like this and adoptees know very little about themselves, which can be difficult. SENAME is very generous with their info as many of the children are known to them through the foster care system.

 In addition, we now have a translated letter winging its way to Santiago (via email and post) to seek clarification of time frames and whether there is anything else we can do or provide to SENAME to show that we are committed to adopt from Chile. That letter was sent on Friday so we hope to get a response shortly, as SENAME seem to be fairly organised on their end.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. :hugs: that letter sounds like a good idea - I hope you get a reply from it.


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